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Miron Bococi – the Romanian Horse Whisperer Photos by Alexandru Farca

Miron Bococi: “I dedicated myself  to horses because I felt that in life it is better to do what you like. We are all slaves, in a way – we live in a consumerist society where we work to live and breathe, so, if this is life, at least we have to follow our passion. And since I started doing what I love, I had to do it my own way.  When I am in a show, I’m having fun, so my horse should have fun with me.”

Miron Bococi is a horse whisperer born in Romania, now living in Spain, close to Barcelona. His work and communication with horses is magical and unbelievable. We have met him at Potcoava Mountain Hideaway, while we were in an info-trip (#RomaniaAutentica) organized by  Turism Market and Potcoava, in partnership with Romanian Art & Craft.

A full interview cand be enbjoyed on our travel blog, only in Romanian.

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